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Get a liver transplant at Fortis Hospitals, Delhi through Dr.Vivek Vij, with an all inclusive flight & accommodation package from Dhaka. Dr.Vij has performed over 3000 liver transplants and is among the top surgeons globally for this treatment.

The package includes 6 economy tickets. 3 tickets from Dhaka to Delhi for patient, attendant and donor. 3 return tickets.

The package also includes 60 days stay in one room, near the hospital




Dr Vivek Vij

Dr Vivek Vij

Director - Liver Transplant & HPB Surgery


Fortis Hospital, Noida

20+ years

Treatment Starting at $33200


Kyaw Ko Ko Khant

Kyaw Ko Ko Khant

Patient Kyaw ko ko khant was extremely sick when he reached India for his treatment, with extremely high liver functions they were shown no hope in their own country he was flown from Myanmar on oxygen support he was admiited in ICU and liver transplant was carried out within 3 days of arrival underwent liver transplant under Dr. Vivek Vij and was extremely happy with the outcome. Both donor as well as recipient are healthy and the family was extremely thankful to Healthtrip team.

Inclusions & Exclusions


Surgery of patient and donor included


Any extra stay in hospital 





USD 1,200

Exclusive of Taxes

About The Treatment

A liver transplant is a surgical procedure to replace a diseased liver with a healthy one from a donor. This treatment is typically necessary for individuals with end-stage liver disease or severe liver dysfunction that cannot be managed effectively with other medical treatments. The most common conditions leading to a liver transplant include cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver cancer, and genetic liver disorders.

Donor livers can come from deceased donors, where the entire liver is typically used, or from living donors, where only a portion of the liver is transplanted. The liver's unique ability to regenerate allows this partial organ from a living donor to grow to full size in both the donor and recipient.

During the transplant surgery, the recipient's diseased liver is removed, and the donor liver is placed in its original position. Connections are made to the recipient's blood vessels and bile ducts to integrate the new liver into the body's systems.

Post-transplant, patients require lifelong immunosuppressive medication to prevent the immune system from rejecting the new organ. Regular follow-ups and monitoring are crucial to manage any complications and ensure the health of the transplanted liver. With successful transplantation and proper management, most patients can return to normal activities and have a significantly improved quality of life.

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